145.470 - .600 No PL



The 2 meter machine is a GE mastr 2 mobile radio converted for repeater operation.



The control is a NHRC- 4 M2 which is made to plug directly into the GE mastr 2 radio. It does the cor,courteous tone and the cw id. Theres a second port on the controller which is used as a slave control for the 440 repeater.



On the reciever we have add a Advance Receiver research line P144VDG preamp with 24 db gain.


The duplexers are Wacom wp-641 bpbr.


For antenna feed line we're use 1/2 hardline on the tower. Lightning protection is a polyphaser IS-50ux-c1.


 For the repeater antenna we're using Hustler G-7



Repeater is running 60 watts output. It has about a 30 mile radius footprint.