53.470 output


 52.470 input


 82.5 PL tone encode / decode


The 6 meter repeater is a split site. The repeater was builtm out of two GE mastr 2 mobile radios. One is lowband and the other was uhf. The receivers were swapped to create Reciever on six meters and transmitter on uhf for the link. On the other end it receives on UHF and transmits on 6 meters.


Antenna for 6 meter receive is a stainless steel whip.



The UHF link antenna is a 3 element yagi.


For a controller at the receive site we using a NHRC-2 set up in link mode.


Both antennas have polyphasers for lightning protection.


On the transmitter end the radio is the other master 2 radio.


The controller is a NHRC-4M2 with 2 ports.


For lightning protection were using a polyphaser


Antenna is a Coment GP-15 triband



This antenna allows us to use one antenna for both uhf link receive and 6 meter transmit. Also will be using it for a 2 meter remote base. At the radios were using a comet triplexer to make lowband , 2 meters and 440.



The end plan with the 2 meter remote base will be to link back to the 2 meter repeater giving us coverage on 2 meter, 440 ,6 and echolink