Finger Lakes Area Pilots, Inc.

P.O. Box 606

Seneca Falls, NY 13148




Membership Options:

Associate Member: $50 per year.

Non-voting member. May not fly FLAPS aircraft. Approved FLAPS instuctors may fly with students at this level.


Full Member: $100 per year.

Voting member. May hold an elected position on the Board of Directors. May not fly FLAPS aircraft.


Flying Member: $450 per year. ($225 if joining after July 1st)

$300 is due by Jan 31st and the other $150 is due by July 31st each year.

Voting member. May hold an elected position of the Board of Directors. May fly FLAPS aircraft.


FLAPS Aircraft:

Piper Cherokee 140 (PA-28) Hangared and insured. Fully equipped for primary and advanced training. IFR Certified. IFR approach certified GPS equipped.

Rates: $100 per hour wet. $90 per hour purchased in blocks of 10-hours. ($900)

Flight Instruction: $25 per hour. (Note: Aircraft rates are subject to change.) Please note:

FLAPS does not accept credit cards for payment. All payment is due at the time of your flight by personal check or cash. (If you have purchased a 10-hour block of time, you will have paid in advance for your flight.)


Check Out:

Prospective members who have a valid license and medical must receive a check out from an approved FLAPS flight instructor before flying FLAPS aircraft. New members must purchase a PA-28 Pilot Operating Handbook (POH). Cost: $15.



FLAPS members meet at the Finger Lakes Regional Airport terminal conference room monthly on the last Saturday of the month at 8AM.


Further Info

 Contact : David Haimes

 FLAPS President

315-568-2147 (H)

315-730-3816 (C)